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I break our kiss and hearing Lara’s deep breathing and my own I lower my lips away from hers and trail soft kisses across her jaw, then down her neck and not stopping until my lips come into contact with her nipple. My lips are wrapped around one of Lara’s erect nipples and I’m gently sucking while letting my tongue circle around the hard bud, I hear her gasp softly trying not to be loud but not being able to help herself as I gently pinch the nipple of her breast that isn’t inside my mouth. watch live cam sex show


“I need you inside me.” Lara says with a quiet yet husky voice that speaks to the lust she is feeling right now, almost as much as when she growls “now" a second later. I detached my mouth from her nipple and let my hand drop away as Lara lifts herself up off of me allowing me to lift myself up slightly and both of us quickly pull down our trousers and underwear. chat with nude cam girls


The moment I pull down my underwear my cock springs out revealing my seven inch length, I see Lara’s eyes drop to my throbbing erection and as they do my eyes travel down her body to the strip of dark pubic hair that leads down to the shape of her pussy between her parted legs. watch the hottest web cam girls

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