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"Yes, that's what made me ask.....I believe you....but now I've been unfaithful to him."

"I wouldn't worry too much Judy, go on tell me how it happened.....was it good?!"

"God yes, it was brilliant....but that sounds awful doesn't it....I'm so bad."

"Anyway, Chris, that's his name, he's only eighteen, he used to do odd jobs for me, he's a bit like Craig, he can turn his hand to most things. Lately he's been getting a bit flirty, suggestive, and last week Derek had been away for the night on business. When I put his washing in the machine I could smell perfume on it. I just felt so angry and Chris was fixing something in the house for me....and just happened."

I put my hand on Judy's arm for reassurance, "Hey, if Derek's been unfaithful......what's good for the they say!"

"Yes, but I still feel guilty.....particularly as it was so incredible....and Chris came back next day and we did it all our bed!"

"And you're afraid of being found out?"

"Sort of, but I'm afraid of wanting more, I want him to fu*k me again, it's mad!"

"Listen, I'm not going to judge you, but you need to be careful.....oh my god I can't believe I'm saying you want to bring him here?"

"Sally!.....shit... you're encouraging me!.......bloody's so tempting."

"Well the offer's know I work Wednesdays and Thursdays.....its free this week!"

" mean it?......can I bring him here on Wednesday?"

"Sure, I'll text you the burglar alarm code, and leave the key round the side under the dustbin shelter, under the black bin, just don't make too much of a mess!.....oh and don't disturb the neighbours."

We both giggled, and relaxed, although I did feel both guilty and jealous.

I phoned Judy after her big 'date,' on Wednesday evening, and luckily she was alone.

"I'm absolutely shagged!" were the first words she said, giggling.

"And so you should be, I've just put the sheets in the machine!"

"Oh I'm so embarrassing."

I laughed out loud.

"It gets better everytime." she said, "He goes on and on.....what stamina....and he has such imagination. Quite kinky actually."

"What do you mean, kinky? that sounds exciting," I wanted to know more.

"He wants to bring a friend, I'm not sure I've got enough energy for two."

"Wow Judy, he's only young and he's suggesting that. You sound interested though?"

"Stop it Sally!"

"I dare you!" I was feeling extra naughty.

"I can't bring two guys into your house, I've already taken advantage of you."

Something clicked inside me. "Tell you what, go for it, but I'll be downstairs just like a sort of chaperone."

"I can't Sally....I can't do that."

"You can Judy, you can. Next Monday, fix it, as long as you're happy that the other guy is ok?"

"Oh shit Sally, it's his best mate.....noooo! I can't....."

"Yes you can!"

Judy started giggling, "Ok my god.....why not.....if you're sure.....please don't listen in."

We both laughed then, and literally twenty minutes later she phoned back to say it was all arranged, Monday 10.30am at mine.

I'm not sure who was most excited, Judy kept texting and I had to keep telling her it would be ok. When Monday arrived I stayed in the study beside the kitchen while Judy let herself, with Chris, and his friend.....Judy actually came to the study while the guys went upstairs.

"Oh my god Sally, this is it, please don't listen."

We hugged, "Yell out if you need go!"

What a strange situation. Like waiting for a firework to go off, you're never sure when it will explode. But it did and it went on...and on...and on.

After I'd heard Judy cum twice I needed a distraction, so I turned on the radio and got down to sending some emails. When I looked at the clock again it was nearly 12noon. It had gone quiet upstairs, and I strained to listen. The silence was broken by someone coming down the stairs. I held my breath as I stood in the kitchen, and suddenly came face to face with the guy who was Chris's friend.

Dressed only in tight thigh length underpants was an imposing, well built young black guy. Not what I was expecting, but as my eyes were drawn to his crotch, he was very well endowed.

I couldn't believe the way my heart was racing as he said, in a deep voice, and with a broad smile, "Sorry Mrs Jones, I came down to get a drink of water. It's thirsty work."

I must have gone so red, I looked away.

"There's a glass just there." and I watched him from behind, filling the glass, with my eyes studying his firm buttocks. I looked away quickly as he turned round.

Quite nonchalantly he said, "I hope you're not too embarrassed, Judy seems to have had a fantasy about this, she's enjoyed it.......I think."

I croaked a reply, "Us older women do.....have fantasies still.....I guess."

Immediately I realised what I'd said, "SOME WOMEN!" I added, but I was digging myself into a hole.

"By the way I'm Leroy, please don't worry, I know you're a bit embarrassed."

Just at that moment we both heard Judy cry out upstairs as Chris must have started to fu*k her again. Leroy smiled and casually said, "She a very responsive woman is Judy!"

I coughed, trying to deflect attention. "When you reach our age you have to seize the moment."

"Have you seized many moments, Mrs Jones?" Leroy was certainly full of self confidence, even cocky.

I was blushing again, and Leroy was smiling.

We heard more cries from Judy as he added with a smirk, "Better get back, why don't you join us?"

I chuckled, blushing yet again, and coolly replied, "I think it might spoil Judy's fantasy, she wouldn't like sharing!"

"You will never know what you're missing Mrs Jones," he smiled broadly again.

"Oh yes I will, Judy will give me full details.....and your marks out of ten!" I raised my eyebrows.

"You could score me yourself if I came round here tomorrow?"

My heart stopped, and then nearly burst out of my chest. Stuttering I managed to say, " such a cocky guy.....if you turned up tomorrow you'd be lucky to get a cup of coffee!"

"Ok....I'll see you around ten in the morning for coffee!" and with a swagger he left the kitchen and returned upstairs.

My hands were definitely shaking, I was thinking about the actual possibility of him turning up on my doorstep tomorrow, but then my thoughts were disturbed by Judy's voice.

"Oh please Leroy, I don't think I can take anymore.....oh god....please stop."

I got up and hesitated slightly, I got to the bottom of the stairs, and was about to shout up, when I heard Judy's voice again, this time a complete reversal of moments earlier.

"Oh fu*k Leroy.......oh god.......yes......yes......YES!" Judy must have been cumming again.

When all calmed down, I heard murmured conversation, and I ducked back into the kitchen as the bedroom door opened. I heard the two guys leave and once the front door had shut I went halfway up the stairs.

"You ok Judy? can I come in?"

"Yes, come in.....god I can't move....I'm shattered!" came the tired voice.

Judy was lying on her back, flat out, diagonally across the bed with her legs splayed open and one knee bent. Her hair was matted with both sweat and obviously some semen. I could see more semen seeping from her shaved pussy, and there were damp patches in various places on the sheets. I found the whole scene vaguely erotic, but realised quickly it was very real for Judy.

"Wow.... fucking hell," Judy said quietly, "That was fucking unbelievable, I don't know how many times I came....those guys were fucking amazing...." and then she groaned, "but oh god....I can't move, my pussy is on fire!"

I sat on the bed beside her, "So you've done it, you're fantasy I mean. It obviously met expectations!"

"Yes, and I'd do it again....with those guys, they just go on and on, but they know how to bring you off too."

Just for a second, I thought of telling her about Leroy, however, I decided it was just him being cocky and there was no possibility of him turning up next day.

"Go on, take a shower, I'll be downstairs, you definitely need it!"

Judy could barely walk when she finally came downstairs. She was in a more reflective mood, but regretted nothing. She was thinking more about Derek and Craig ever knowing about it, and I was thinking that I couldn't really own up to fucking her son!

After we'd had coffee and she'd left for home I decided that I needed to occupy my mind and put all thoughts of Leroy aside. But it was impossible and even that night I found it difficult to sleep.

As I pampered myself in the bath next morning, I heard myself saying, "What the fu*k are you doing Sally?" It was then that I realised I was actually expecting him to arrive.

By 9.30am I was dressed and had put make up on, again I said to myself, "What the fu*k Sally Jones?"

And then ten 'o clock came and went, and I felt relieved, but I was actually quite disappointed.

I'd just put the coffee machine on and looked at the clock once more. 10.25am, and I realised that he wasn't coming now.

Moments later my heart stopped when the doorbell rang 4k babes fu*k

"Shit," I muttered and nervously went to the door, it rang again, impatiently, and when I opened it......

"Can you take this parcel in for number twenty eight?"

Our postman smiled his jolly smile as I took it from him. Disappointed I put the package on the hall table, and then as I went to close the door Leroy walked up the garden path, passing the postman on the way.

"Sorry I'm late for coffee Mrs Jones, got held up in traffic."

Boldly he came straight inside, and made his way to the kitchen and sat down.

I was shaking all over.

"I wasn't expecting you to come," I said, very unsure of myself.

"But you wanted me to come!"

The arrogance was overwhelming, and the question put me at a disadvantage, so I didn't answer it directly.

"Well I think Judy only scored you nine out of ten for poor time keeping!"

Leroy smiled and introduced another innuendo, while he casually texted on his phone, he added, "I thought my timing yesterday was excellent."

"So do you want coffee?"

The moment of truth had arrived with frightening speed.

"No, we'll leave it till later," he stood up, standing tall above me.

"Is it the same bedroom as yesterday?"

The blood seemed to drain away from my brain, and dizzily I said, "No, it's mine this time."

I couldn't believe I was saying that, this was it, it was going to happen.

Out of the blue, the front door bell rang again, Leroy went straight to answer it, "That'll be Chris!"

I gasped for breath, and tried to comprehend it all, Chris came in and bumped knuckles with Leroy.

"You didn't mention Chris as well!" I croaked.

"Sorry it slipped my mind!"

He giggled and continued, "Mrs Jones was just going to show me the bedroom, it's not the same one today."

The conversation was very 'matter of fact' and, almost in a trance, I found myself going upstairs followed by Chris and Leroy.

I'd left the duvet off, so the bed, the brass headed one that I'd got as soon as Jeff had left, was just a sheet covered mattress, with four pillows. The curtains were wide open so as not to alert Peter Bentley that I was in my bedroom during the day. I went to close them, but Leroy insisted we kept them open.

I stood there not sure what to do, but I didn't have to wait long before Leroy and Chris stripped out of their clothes.

"So I hope Judy told you what to expect," Leroy was into his cocky mode once again, and when he lowered his underpants I could see why he was so sure of himself. His black cock was slowly stiffening even as I looked, and as he gripped it, and massaged it with one hand it became fully erect and was much bigger than I had expected. Chris too was quick to become stiff, his cock was shorter but far, far thicker.

It was now much too late to change my mind  my cams

I'd dressed in a dark fitted dress, with a zip down the back. As Leroy slowly unzipped me, it fell away to reveal my black lacey bra and panties, along with my favourite black hold up stockings. I was shivering as I became more exposed.

"Shit, you look gorgeous," Leroy said, "whadya think Chris?"

Chris was standing watching, with his cock standing to attention, "She looks ready for a good fucking!"

I felt Leroy unclip my bra from behind, it fell off my shoulders to the floor, and my breasts swung free.

"Mmmmm, nice!" Chris was stroking his cock, as he stared at me. It felt strange, but arousing, to be examined like this. Leroy hooked his fingers into my panties, and ducking down, they were instantly round my ankles revealing my pussy with its hint of blondish down.

"Keep your stockings on, they're real turn on," Chris said, and then Leroy pointed towards the bed, "Ok let's begin the fun!"

I awkwardly climbed onto the bed and lay on my back. With Leroy on one side and Chris on the other they pounced on my breasts and started sucking one nipple each.

Straightaway I arched my back, and a loud "Ohhhhhhh!" sounded round the room. My nipples are wired directly to my pussy so my juices began to flow immediately.

As they sucked my nipples, Leroy's hand stroked the bare skin above my stocking tops until his fingers found my pussy. Deftly the finger tips probed, and stimulated, my clit becoming engorged, and my whole body becoming alive.

I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. The feeling of lips, of fingers, of skin on skin, and the quiet menace of two stiff cocks lurking close by. There was also the long forgotten contact with taut muscular bodies.

That sensation soon became familiar as Leroy shifted his body above me. I could feel his thick arms supporting himself and his muscular thighs found their way between my legs.

Looking up at his face, he was filled with self assurance, and there was a slight smile as I felt the head of his cock between my labia.

"Oh god," I gasped as he pushed and entered me. In a single motion he went deep inside.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ahhhhhh," I gasped again, "God Leroy!"

He began to move, at first withdrawing almost the whole length, then pushing deep down again. He did that several times, watching my face which was showing my absolute delight. Arching my back again, it showed him how much I wanted it, and he could tell from the way I opened and closed my eyes, sometimes focussing on him, sometimes not, that I was entering my own zone of pleasure.

He rhythmically thrust his cock backwards and forwards in shorter movements and my clit was being massaged along the top of his shaft. Chris watched fascinated and went to sit on the armchair by the window, waiting to see me cum, or indeed to wait his turn.

He didn't have to wait long. The pent up anticipation of the morning, the on-off scenario of Leroy arriving, not arriving, played its part.

Leroy knew how close I was, and rammed into me harder. My arms gripped him tighter and my orgasm, sweeping upwards from my legs, burst inside me. I shook through my whole body, a cry of absolute elation and pleasure filling the room, "Ohhhhhhhh......GOD!"....I let it all out.

Leroy stopped moving, held himself inside me, and watched my face.

"Oh fu*k, Leroy.....that was unbelievable......fucking hell!"

"Mrs Jones, we've only just started!"

Rolling aside, his cock, soaked in my juices, slipped out, allowing me to relax my body on the bed, but only briefly, as Chris stood up and climbed onto the bed, kneeling between my knees, rubbing his cock up and down, and smiling. My eyes were of course drawn to what he was doing and, as I'd already observed, his cock was much thicker than Leroy's.

"You ready for round two Mrs Jones?"

The smile broadened as he saw my slight nervousness at the prospect.

He lowered himself down, and with his hand, guided the head of his cock between my pussy lips. My pussy was already gaping, pink, hugely moist, and, to me, feeling very alive.

As he pushed I knew straightaway it was larger than most.


Thank goodness he did take it easy, he pressed just a little, then pulled back, and pressed again, Three or four times he did that, getting further in each time, before suddenly he sank down on top of me and his cock went in all the way.

"Shit!" I cried out, and I heard Leroy laugh as he stood at the window.

And then the fucking began again.

Chris had an entirely different way of fucking. He filled me so full, and he kept rotating his hips, staying deep inside me, but massaging my clit in another way. He also used his mouth on my nipples as he fucked, not just sucking and licking, but giving them little bites, nibbling them, which was hugely arousing.

"The guy over the road knows there's something going on, he's well and truly perving."

Leroy's remarks passed somewhere over my head, as I was too intent on my pleasure. Peter Bentley could do what the hell he liked at that moment.

"God....I'm cumming again....keep going Chris......oh yes Chris......YES......YES!"

In another trembling orgasm, my body glowed red hot, and I dug my nails into Chris's shoulders causing him to yelp.

I couldn't quite believe what I was doing. Occasionally I'd cum a couple of times using my vibrator, but never like this.

Chris rolled aside, and I was surprised neither of them had cum themselves. I was feeling total euphoria, but I did feel my body needing a rest.

"What did you say about the guy opposite?"

"He keeps looking over here, I think he's wondering what's going on, but he keeps retreating into the background. He's definitely there though."

I was flat out on the bed as the two guys peered out of the window, "He's always trying to catch me undressing, or coming out of the shower, I sometimes tease him if I'm in the mood."

"Well let's tease him some more, c'mon!"

Quickly Leroy moved the armchair below the window and turned to me, "C'mon!"

He grabbed my arm, pulling me up from the bed.

"Kneel on there, and lean on the window sill."

"I can't, he'll see my tits."

Leroy burst out laughing, "C'mon, have a bit of fun, be daring  4k mature porn

Tentatively I approached the window and leaning slightly backwards I put one knee on the seat of the chair.

"Go on, lean forwards," and I felt Leroy's hand pushing my shoulders from behind.

I nervously leaned my elbows on the wooden sill, and was looking to see if anyone else in the street could see me. Certainly Peter Bentley could, because I was sure there was a suspicion of something moving in the background of his bedroom.

However, Leroy wanted to push the exhibitionism to another level. I felt his arms circle around me, and each hand cupped one of my breasts. The appearance of black hands on white breasts must have been obvious and probably a huge turn on for Peter.

As I stared across the intervening space, I could clearly see a face standing back from the window, in semi darkness.

"Ok, we've given him a flash, he'll go and have a wank now." I said, taking Leroy's hands away. But when I moved to get off the chair Leroy put his hands on my hips and held me firmly where I was.

"The show's not over yet Mrs Jones."

Suddenly Leroy's erect cock was probing between my buttocks, his instructions were clear, "Spread your knees, lean on the window sill again."

"Leroy, we can't, you'll get me arrested for public decency, or indecency!"

He pushed me forward, and by accident or design his cock found my pussy, and he slid inside me.

"Oh fucking hell, we can't do this, god we'll be seen!"

All that Leroy could do was chuckle and to start fucking me. I could see Peter Barclay staring across at me as my breasts wobbled from the thrusting behind me, and then to my horror Shirley Cousins, from next door but one, pulled up in her car, and sat there in the driver's seat, watching me getting fucked.

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