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"Mmmmmm," he exclaimed, as I set to work. He lifted his legs onto the bed and lay on his back as I knelt beside him sucking the head of his long black cock. I was able to massage him up and down while I kept sucking. Chris was watching from the armchair as I went on and on for at least ten minutes bdsm xxx sites .

It was then that I decided to do something that I used to do with Jeff a few times over the years.

I began to stroke and caress Leroy's balls as I sucked him. Delicately I ran my fingers around his crotch and upper thighs. I could hear the pleasure in his sighing. When my fingertips played with his opening the sighs got more pronounced.

As I sucked and sucked I allowed some saliva to trickle down his shaft and I took some of that on my finger. Slowly I inserted my middle finger tip inside him. His body fidgeted and moved, and he briefly said, "No," , but I ignored him, and went deeper, until I found what I wanted.

Within just a few minutes I'd got him where I wanted. My finger massaged his magical little gland and his self assurance disappeared.

"No!......oh fu*k......shit!......I'm going to cum!"

And when he started to shoot, half went into my mouth and half down my chin, over my stockings, and over the sheets on the bed. Incredible amounts of semen were everywhere, Leroy was definitely a heavy cummer!

"fu*k," he said again, as he watched me wipe his spunk from my face and breasts, "that was fucking great."

"Well I made you cum, and that's what I wanted, and it's certainly made a mess!"

I looked at Chris who had watched it all from the armchair. To my horror he was sitting there stroking another erection. He knew I'd seen it and stood up, proudly showing it to me.

"So you want this again?"

"Chris I think I've had enough for today." I tried to say it calmly.

"That's what Judy said, "Chris smiled as he knelt on the bed beside me. I felt in a mess with Leroy's cum all over me and the smell of sex on my skin.

With just a very tired, "Oh god," and not much resistance I let Chris get me kneeling on the mattress and feeling like a real slut he entered me from behind once more.

The familiar thrusting, the creaking of the bed, the few words of encouragement from Leroy blurred into a haze. I didn't think I could cum anymore, my thigh muscles burned, as Chris battered himself against my ass. But Leroy wouldn't let me just get Chris to cum again and finish.

He appeared beside us with my smaller vibrator.

"Let's see what this will do," he said with relish, and he reached under where my breasts were swinging, and slid the vibrator down towards my pussy.

"Leroy, oh please don't, I just can't cum anymore....please!" But he switched it on and the buzzing started. Once he'd found my clit there was eventually only one result.

" Oh fucking hell......I can't....I can't .....I just can't cum again......"

There was an exhausted pause from me and then finally in surrender, "oh fu*k......oh god no........fu*k...fu*k...fu*k!"

My orgasm was just as powerful as before, it didn't last as long, but the pleasure was intense despite my exhaustion. The bonus was that the vibrator had brought Chris off too and as I was cumming he came too, flooding my pussy with yet more semen my free cams

Both of us collapsed in a heap, and I just welcomed the ability to lay flat and relax.

Leroy switched off my toy and put it back in the drawer with the other one.

The bedside clock was showing 12.15pm and finally we all agreed to call a halt. Leroy and Chris left me to relax and we exchanged numbers for the future. Even in my exhausted state I knew there would be another time.

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