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I have never been fond of business trips to Bristol or any city in the UK. They tended to be boring as hell and filled with the same types of droning people who have little imagination or drive. Lucky for me. I was just Tiffany's PA and didn't have to mingle too much. I often wondered how Tiffany managed to stay focused in those meetings and dreary presentations. I should explain that, Tiffany and I are lovers as well as work colleagues  ass fucking outdoors porn movies. I had been her Personal Assistant for over five years and her lover for six. It stank of nepotism. So, we didn't advertise our relationship and most people didn't even know we lived together. We kept our private life as separate from work as possible. Bristol city was as sad as the last time we visited; the Marriot hotel hadn't changed. The receptionist looked tired as she faked a smile and handed over our room key cards. Thinking nothing odd about two women sharing a twin room. "God this is depressing." I complained as we walked towards our room. My heels making little to no noise on the carpeted hallway. Tiffany shot me her scolding look. "Fliccy, this could secure us new business. Stop being a winy cow." She told me sternly. I rolled my eyes but didn't reply. Tiffany couldn't be argued with when she was in business mode. I had to satisfy myself with the eyeroll and a huff. Both of which made Tiffany's lips narrow in annoyance. The room was your basic Marriot twin. Nothing fancy about it. Clean and tidy was the best I could say about it. Unlike when we went on holidays or a weekend break together. Tiffany hadn't booked us a plush suite. Kicking off my high heels. I went to one of the beds and sat down with a sigh. Earning me another 'look' from Tiffy. "What?" I asked. Already feeling fed up before we had even gone to one of the meetings. Tiffany let out her own sigh and walked to stand over me with hands on her slim hips. She's taller than me and willowy. Making her stance over me more intimidating as even standing. I'm only five two and barley reach her shoulder with the top of my head. Still in her heels. She loomed a good six feet tall and her eyes were flinty. "I'm just about up to here with your shitty attitude." She growled out and gestured to her forehead. I said we were lovers. I forgot to mention that we didn't always get along great. Even if we never stopped loving each other. We often argued. "I just don't see why you actually NEED me here. Amy could have handled this." I said with a pout. Acting a bit childish in the face of her ire. Tiffany shook her head. "Amy isn't my PA... I want my fucking PA with me... AND my Girlfriend." She said with a glare and a good amount of frustrated emotion. I felt guilty. The hitch in her voice when she admitted she wanted me there as her girlfriend reminded me, she and I hadn't been having much of a relationship for the last few months. I realized she had been hoping for some quality time with me on this trip. Even though we lived together. Things hadn't been going well in the bedroom department for quite some time. We often got home late. Between her long hours and stress at work. Sex had taken a backseat for a long time. Affectionate hugs and kisses hadn't happened between us in weeks as we both crashed out at the end of a day and then raced off to work the next. Weekends were a nonstarter too. Having had her brother staying with us. A brother who didn't know his sister was gay and thought I was renting one of the rooms. I looked up at her beautiful face and softened my expression. "I'm sorry. I thought this was going to be all business." I explained. Tiffany shook her head and smiled tentatively as she sat on the bed next to me. Taking my hand in hers and raising it to her lips. Kissing my palm gently. "It doesn't have to be. We could try to have some fun like we used to?" she said and asked. Her tone hopeful. I cocked my head to one side and felt my cheeks redden at the suggestion. I knew exactly what she was suggesting. "You want me to pick up?" I asked with a blush. All while I felt the familiar rush in my lower belly and my heartbeat quicken at the thought. She nodded and bit her lower lip. "If you want to. I would like that." She admitted. Her eyes on mine and glittering with suppressed excitement. A familiar look on her face as she waited on my answer. I shook my head slowly. My long strawberry blonde hair swaying from side to side as I doubted myself. "Tiffy, I don't know if I can. It's been years." I said. Feeling that at nearly twenty-eight, I wasn't the same girl I used to be. She touched my cheek affectionately and laughed gently. "Don't be silly. Half the office checks you out on a daily basis. Your boobs have hardly dropped at all and let's face it. Most men find you more than attractive huge cumshots after ass fucking ." She told me warmly. Her tone also tinged with jealousy. Tiffy was prettier than me. But she had always been jealous of my large bust as she had tiny A cup titties that I thought were perfect. She on the other had had often considered getting enhancements. "I guess I could try?" I mumbled. Feeling insecure about it but also wanting to do it. Partially because she loved to watch me getting rammed by a man and partially because I liked it too. Even if it had been two years since I had last picked up. Tiffany leaned in and tenderly kissed my lips. Her lips were soft like mine and felt so wonderful. I kissed her back. Pushing forward to deepen the kiss while parting my lips and darting my tongue over hers. We parted lips with a mutual sigh of want and need. "Yes. Yes, try baby." She whispered before returning her lips to mine. Her kiss becoming more insistent as her left hand went up under my skirt. Finding my rapidly moistening pussy and pressing against it through the thin fabric of my knickers. It had been too long, I felt myself creaming almost immediately. My mouth opening wide as I gasped from the pleasure of her touching me so intimately. My fingers scrabbled at the buttons of her blouse. Urgent to have her naked as she rubbed me faster and harder. Her need to have me orgasm apparent. My own need was to feel her naked body pressed to mine when I did. To have her cum too. There was no finesse to what we were doing. Both too intent on making love. We pulled and tugged at each other's clothing in a rush. All while grabbing, pressing, fingering. Panting faster and faster. Hearts racing. I arched my back as she rammed two fingers in and out of me. My skirt and knickers were on the floor, my blouse half off and my bra undone. Her mouth firmly attached to one of my nipples as I reciprocated with my own fingers. Frigging her wet cunt with wild abandonment now that her own skirt was bunched around her waist and her knickers ripped off. Her blouse open so that I could feel her braless tits pressed to my flesh. "Ohh... ohh GOD." I cried out as I felt the spine tingling, thigh clenching orgasm hit me. "Yes. YES. Yesssssss." Tiffany hissed out in ecstasy as she too orgasmed. Her hips jerking hard twice as she gushed warm cum over my deeply thrust fingers. We both let out sighs of contentment as we snuggled into a comfortable embrace. Her slim body slick with perspiration pressed against mine. Molding to me perfectly and in a way that allowed me to caress her spine lazily. Her cum covered fingers found her mouth. She licked them clean. Small sounds of appreciation came from her as she tasted my cum. I was doing the same to my own fingers and smiling at her. Each of us watching the other take pleasure from tasting our love. "I'm sorry I've been such a bitch lately." She whispered. Nuzzling her head into my cleavage. "I'm sorry too. I've been acting like a brat." I apologized too. Tiffany looked up into my eyes. Her bright green orbs glittered with mischief. "Maybe I should spank my brat then?" she giggled out in reply. "Well... I HAVE been very naughty." I agreed with a grin. **** A good spanking, three orgasms and one shower later. I touched my red bum cheeks tenderly before slipping on clean knickers. "That stings." I said as I dressed. Tiffany looked at me with concern. "Was I too hard?" she asked as she too got dressed for the meeting we were going to. I shook my head and smiled at her. My large DD boobs jiggling as I did. Still yet to be supported by a bra, they wobbled from side to side. "No. I liked it. Might be a bit hard to sit down though." I laughed out. "I'll make sure you get a cushioned seat." She answered with a grin. Pleased to hear I was okay with how hard she had spanked my bottom. Both of us had got a bit carried away with things after not having and bedroom fun for so long. I shrugged as I reached behind and did up my bra. "Don't worry. I'll be fine as long as we get to do it again later." I told her. Feeling far more enthused about going to the meeting if it meant coming back to our room for another bout of lovemaking after. Tiffy fixed her makeup in the mirror as she replied. "Well, hopefully you will pick up after the meeting and I can watch you nailed to the floor." She said. Her words slightly muffled as she dabbed at her reapplied lipstick with a tissue. "Really? You still want me to?" I asked in surprise. Looking at her with wide eyes. It wasn't like her to be so single minded about me having sex with someone else. "Yes... as long as you are okay with that? Have you changed your mind?" she asked. "No... I guess not, if that's what you want." I replied. My face blushing once more. Sex with a stranger was fun but not something I had ever felt one hundred percent comfortable with. Even with Tiffy watching. It felt a bit like cheating. She touched my cheek and smiled gently. "It's not cheating. You are so funny sometimes." She said warmly. Easily reading my mind. However, Tiffany had never understood that while I liked and enjoyed casual sex or even being fucked like a slut. That part of me wasn't totally secure. I always felt just a tad dirty afterwards. Even if I had loved every second of it. I understood my wants and needs. But, I had yet to accept them fully. I often felt wrong in the head and doubted my sanity because of the way I had been brought up. Being bisexual was wrong. Making love to another woman was wrong, so was my slutty nature and my desire to be dominated. None of those things were normal in my mind and even after so long. I hid my nature. Blushed uncontrollably when I thought about it and felt guilty much of the time. Only Tiffany's love and care felt good. So good that I had managed to fall for her in a way that had allowed me to be her partner despite my socially unacceptable desires. The fact that she liked to watch me being slutty with men had been an unexpected bonus. One that battled with my natural shyness yet gave me everything I secretly wanted. "I know Tiffy. It... it just feels wrong... you know how I get." I answered. Still blushing. She brushed her lips to mine. Her lipstick the same shade as mine so it didn't matter. "I know. And I LOVE you even more for it." She told me with a small smile. I nodded and looked away. Embarrassed with the depth of knowledge she had about my deviant sexuality. Tiffany touched my chin and made me look into her eyes. "You don't HAVE to." She said gently. But she knew I secretly wanted to. "You'll watch it all?" I asked. She nodded. "Every second of it." She promised. "Okay." I said shyly. Just as she knew I would. Neither of us fooled by the way I was acting. Both of us understanding it was necessary for me to object. Just for the sake of my own sanity. **** The large room was filled with the usual boring people. Tiffany schmoozed with numerous prospective clients as I sat by her side and tapped away on my notepad. Electronically entering details of anyone she thought interesting. Acting the professional PA, I only made eye contact with a few. All the while, I was taking mental notes on those that checked me out on a more than professional basis. Looking for that special someone who might want to fu*k me. I was deliberately wearing something more sexy than normal. My pencil skirt was tight enough to let the observer notice I was wearing stocking and not tights. The outline of my suspender belt and its clips was subtly noticeable. Likewise, my blouse and bra were thin enough for a person to see the bra's outline and the slightly darker shade of my areola through the material. Again, not obvious but just discernable as Tiffy and I needed to still appear professional. I didn't look slutty. But I was sure a few people noticed my more sexualized appearance as I walked or stood next to Tiffany in her more chaste business suit. The main meeting over with. We were now mingling in a large conference room that had a buffet at one end and a bar adult cams . "Anyone?" Tiffany asked as we moved from one dead end to another group. "Nope. I don't think so, most are old, fat and seriously sad looking." I replied. My tone slightly frustrated by the total lack of talent. "maybe if you didn't look at your feet so much... you might FIND someone." She whispered out of the side of her mouth as we approached a group of businessmen. I scowled briefly. I had not been looking at my feet. Not much anyway. Tiffany painted on her smile as we approached. Her hand already out. She shook hands with a well attired man in his fifties. "John Smith. Sooooo pleased to finally meet you." She gushed with her best smile attached to the slightly surprised man. I gave him a glance over and didn't see anything special about him at first. He was taller than me. That was normal as I'm short. He had a better suit than most and looked pleasantly surprised by Tiffany. She wasn't the usual looking executive. "Tiffany Harrington? A real pleasure... I have to say that most of the security firms don't have your stellar reputation." He replied while giving her hand a firm shake. "We do our best John... this is my PA by the way. Felicity will take notes if that's okay?" Tiffany introduced me. He smiled at me warmly and held out his hand. His shake was firm but gentle. Taking into consideration my petite size with quickly adjusted care. "How do you do." I said professionally and then looked into his eyes. WHAM. His eyes were like molten steel. Hard yet gentle. Hot and strong. I felt my pulse quicken immediately. This was a MAN. He had an inner strength that made me feel weak and hot all at the same time. His brief gaze hit me like a massive sledgehammer, I knew he was the 'take what I want' kind of person. "Bored. Bored shitless to be honest." He said with a grin. Answering my polite words as if I had asked him a proper question. For a nanosecond. I felt the full weight of his eyes. I felt like a mouse looking at a cobra. A very intense cobra. My cheeks flushed red. I could feel the heat rising and looked away as Tiffany coughed and smoothly slide into business mode. "I hope you won't be bored with our company's pitch. After our email conversations, I'm sure Harrington Securities has what your clients are looking for." Tiffany interjected with a smile. I felt like I had been given a reprieve as his focus left me and went to Tiffany. I drew a deep and shaky breath. It took me a second to refocus my brain. I covered my confusion by looking at my notepad. Pretending to type while trying to understand why this particular man had knocked me so off balance. He wasn't overly handsome. Around fifty with short cropped salt and pepper hair, very good shoulders on him and clearly strong as a bull. It was his eyes that sold it all though. Mature eyes that had seemed to see the real me within one quick look. My heart was beating a bit slower. Calming down as I avoided eye contact and concentrated on my actual job. Few men in this world have true Alpha presence. This guy had it in spades. Bucketful's of shear animal magnetism that was thinly hidden behind a business suit and smooth smile. I looked at Tiffany for help and realized she was flirting. Tiffany never flirted with men and there she was standing. Full on smile and touching her hair the way she did when she was flirty. "Oh poo." I whispered under my breath as I suddenly realized this was the one. This was the man I wanted and judging by Tiffany's reaction to him. She was VERY sure he was the guy she wanted to see shag me into the floor, bed or any surface. "Felicity." I heard him say as he turned his attention to me. I jumped a bit. Startled as his eyes turned to mine. "yes?" I squeaked out like I was twelve or something. Feeling stupid as I did so. He smiled widely and I felt my knees go weak. "Drink? At the bar?" he said. I looked confused. I know I did because I had missed half of the conversation between him and Tiffy through distracted thought. "Drink?" I squeaked out. Sounding even more stupid as my eyes flicked between looking at Tiffy and him. He smiled gently but his tone held firm authority. "Yes. Drink... at the bar... with me." He said as if I was a moron. His body already turning and moving. Clearly expecting me to follow. I was moving my feet without thinking. Obediently following until I shook my head and looked over my shoulder at Tiffany. "What the fu*k?" I mouthed at her. She shooed me with a gesture and grin. "DO IT." She mouthed back silently. I bumped into his back and let out a small grunt. He was much bigger than me and it felt like I had stumbled into a brick wall. In my heels I was five six and he still had a good two or three inches on me. "Sorry." I said automatically as I recovered from his sudden halt. Having to look up to his face as I realized that we were already at the bar. John ignored me as if I hadn't just walked into his back. "Vodka Orange and a pint of that crap you call beer." He demanded of the overworked barman. His tone arrogant. The barkeep leaping to do as told while looking pissed off. John looked over his shoulder and down at me as I moved to stand next to him. My hands fidgeting and smoothing my skirt as if I was a schoolgirl. My childhood memories of being chastised making me feel nervous. And the idea of him doing the same rose in my mind. Feeling foolish and a bit silly. I grabbed the vodka and orange as soon as it was placed on the bar. Taking a deep gulp while trying to get some equilibrium. The vodka hit my taste buds and somewhat calmed me. "So, erm... what's next?" I asked without looking up at him. Very sure that if I did, I would lose what footing I had. He didn't look at me as he sipped his beer. He put down his glass slowly and with deliberate attention. Twisting it around so that the motif on it was toward himself. Seeming to decide what was next in that time it took. His eyes focused on mine after the pause. Again, I felt weak at the knees while my pussy moistened from just him looking at me that way. His gaze held strength and knowledge. A small smile played at the corner of his mouth. I suspected he knew exactly the effect he was having on me. "Tiffany says you have all the details I need on your computer. We should find a seat and go through it." Was what he said while his eyes flicked from mine and quickly roved over my body. Mentally undressing me in a very obvious manner that I didn't mind at all. I found myself nodding like a twit as I fumbled my notebook open. Trying to turn it back on without looking at it. Finding it almost impossible to stop looking at him. My cheeks flushing a little as I realized how foolish I was acting. "You DO have what I want? Yes?" he asked with amusement in his voice. "What? Oh yes. Yes. Right here. On this... erm... Yes." I replied making an even bigger fool of myself as I pointed at the blank screen of my notebook and stumbled over my words.

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