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"Oh, that's so good!" she cried out. "I never expected it to be so intense." Without a word he continued to lick and suck her vulva, sometimes making his tongue pointed and rigid to enter her vagina. When he opened her legs still further to explore, he was amazed to see that her hymen was semi-intact and her vagina tight like a virgin. "Didn't you say that your husband had sex with you?" He asked. "Yes, I suppose so." She replied. "But he was very small. Not like you, and it was very quick. He had no idea what he was doing. He had hardly got started when he squirted and it was all over. I didn't really mind as it didn't hurt me at all. I hardly felt a thing." Paul smiled inwardly . "I can see you have never enjoyed the pleasures of sex." He replied. "I can help you. I think you're really going to enjoy this." "But you're very big down there." She commented. "I'm scared. I think it might be too big for me. Are you sure it will fit?" "Yes, I'm sure." He replied reassuringly. "Women are very stretchy inside and can fit any size. I think you'll love it once you get used to the feeling. I think it will hurt a little for a moment at first, but I can assure you it will be worth it." He continued to lick and suck until he felt her relaxing and she began to whimper softly in enjoyment. When he judged the time was right his tongue moved upward and began to concentrate on her swollen little clit. He placed one hand just above the top of her clit shaft and drew the skin upward to reveal more of the tiny organ. It glistened like a small red pearl. As he began to lick and suck it, her moans grew louder until she began to quiver and shake as her first orgasm ever coursed through her body. He slowed his ministrations and, as the waves of pleasure began to subside, he carefully inserted the tip of his finger into her opening and began to explore her hymen. He found there was an opening there just big enough to insert his finger. He slipped past it and found the rough patch of her G-spot on the roof of her vagina. He massaged it firmly as he redoubled the licking and sucking directly on her clit. As he pressed and rubbed on the sensitive G-spot, she suddenly went wild, thrashing her hips around in a paroxysm of ecstasy. Waves of exquisite pleasure crashed through her entire body and she screamed incoherently as she twitched and shuddered. Slowly, she came down from the peaks and began to cry with happiness. "Allah be praised!" She cried. "I never knew my body could do that. I know now that I've never lived. My marriage was a sham. I'm going to enjoy my life and my body from now on. No inhibitions!" "I'm so glad you enjoyed that." Paul interrupted. "But we've only just got started. There's a lot more to learn. And a lot more to enjoy. Are you on any kind of birth control?" "Yes," she replied. "The last thing I wanted was to get pregnant to my beast of a husband, so I secretly saw my doctor and got a contraceptive implant. I've kept going for check-ups ever since and kept it up-to-date." "I'm pleased to hear it." Paul said. "Would you like to do some more of this? "Oh, yes," she said. "I want to go all the way. My friends told me you're amazing." "Would you like to give me pleasure too and get to know my cock better?" Paul inquired smiling. Without a word, she took hold of his rampant tool. Guided by Paul's gentle hand she worked the sensitive foreskin back and forth. She smiled as it became rock hard and the head swelled to become deep purple and shiny as if the skin was stretched to bursting point. "Would you like to make love to it like I did to your pussy? I can show you how" Paul asked. As she nodded her agreement, Paul shifted his position and pointed the tip of his rigid member toward her mouth. Instinctively, she formed her full pouty lips in an 'O' and he inserted the swollen glans into her mouth. "Just keep your teeth out of the way and suck and lick it like a lollipop." He instructed. Enthusiastically, she did as she was told and he groaned encouragingly as she swirled her tongue around. He grunted as the exquisite pleasure began to mount. He gently took hold of her head and guided her to bob up and down inserting ever more of his rock-hard tool into her willing mouth. She really got into the motion and Paul was aware of her excitement mounting too as he massaged her breast, rubbing and pinching the nipple. Feeling the moment of no return approaching for both of them Paul withdrew his prick. She gave it one last suck in disappointment then he rolled her over onto her front in the doggy position. He opened a small jar of coconut oil which was in a pocket on the side of the couch and generously anointed her entire vulva and around the puckered rosebud of her rear opening. He proceeded to oil his rigid tool as well before rubbing the tip it cautiously up and down her slit, now lasciviously exposed between her superbly rounded bum cheeks. He explored her intricate folds for a little while before inserting the very tip into her weeping hole. Her vagina tightened momentarily before relaxing to welcome him in. Gently, he slid the swollen head of his cock backwards and forwards between the folds of her now soaking trench. She moaned in pleasure and thrust her bum towards him to indicate her willingness as the motion of his hips became more and more insistent. Suddenly, judging the moment to be right, he thrust forward and his prick burst through the remaining barrier of her hymen. She gasped in pain but didn't try to stop him as he thrust forward to invade her love tunnel. It was rather tight and dry so he pulled back to play some more at the entrance. Working her natural lubrication and the coconut oil further and further into her, he slowly but sure stretched her and filled her up. He reached forward and grasped her breasts in both hands massaging and kneading them while his pelvic thrusts became slightly faster and more insistent. She came hard, the waves of pleasure washing over her in a massive full body orgasm. He slowed temporarily to give her some breathing space before renewing his efforts hot brunette big tits porn movies . He thrust forward to fill her completely and fucked her hard. With each pistoning thrust, his balls bounced against her clit and his pubic mound crashed against her rear opening. She thrashed around, thrusting her hips back toward him to increase the pleasure and she screamed until her throat was sore. After a while, Paul withdrew and flipped Reena over onto her back. Taking most of weight on his knees he pinned her shoulders to the bed and entered her from the front. By this time her soaked cunt was well lubricated so, in a single thrust he plunged his turgid weapon into her to the hilt and their pubic mounds were pressed together. He stayed in this position grinding down on her to stimulate her clit. His cock was buried in her, filling her and stretching her love tunnel to the max. He slowly withdrew and continued to tease her by fucking her slowly. Sometimes, he entered the head of his cock slowly at the entrance and slid in and out slowly to tease her, just deep enough to stimulate her G-spot occasionally. He would follow this with a sudden deep thrust impaling her cunt as deep as he could go. Both of them could feel the tip of his swollen cock invading her cervix and pushing her to new heights of ecstasy. He released her shoulders and, placing his hands on either side, he raised himself into the push-up position supported only on his palms and his toes and long-dicked her, sliding the whole length of his throbbing cock deep into her willing vagina. She gasped and moaned, willing him on the further effort. Now and then he would give both of them a short breather, gently dominating her by covering her with his body, tugging on her hair and suckling her nipples. She loved this and, at his request she reciprocated by nipping and sucking on his own tiny nipples till he moaned with pleasure and redoubled his efforts. With mounting urgency, he shafted her slippery trench with the swollen rock-hard fu*k stick between his legs. After bringing her to two more powerful climaxes, Paul felt his own approaching. He redoubled the speed of his thrusts, fucking her like crazy until, feeling the delicious sensation of his hot semen coursing through his abdomen, he finally ejaculated, his massive orgasm hitting him like a runaway truck. His seed flooded her passage completely. She felt the powerful jets hammering her cervix and she came once more, the walls of her tight vagina squeezing and massaging his turgid cock as if to extract the last few drops of his potent man juice. As he withdrew, he noticed his member was bright with blood as well as their mixed juices. As his creamy semen tinged with blood began to slide out of her gaping cunt, he grabbed a wad of tissues to catch it. Shocked, as she saw the redness Reena asked: "Is that my blood?" "I'm afraid so." Paul answered. "You were almost a virgin. How do you feel now?" "Like a complete woman," she answered. "I loved it! Thank you so much! There was only a moment of pain. The rest of it was out of this world. When can we do it again?" "Let's take a shower and get cleaned up." Paul replied. "Then we'll see." Still naked he led her off to the bathroom and the stood under the steaming jets as they soaped and cleaned each other. Now completely relaxed and happy with their intimacy, Reena raised her arms to allow Paul to soap and massage her superb tits. Obviously turned on she stood with legs akimbo while he slipped his fingers between her legs to clean her pussy. She moaned with obvious pleasure when he directed the jet from the hand shower directly onto her clit. She loved the feeling of the direct stimulation from the water and soon she was hit by another powerful full body orgasm which made her legs go weak under her. Finally, when she was perfectly clean and still gasping from the sexual excitement, she took the bar of soap and worked up a lather around his cock and balls. She soon had him standing to attention and knelt down in the shower stall to give him a blow job. Paul felt he was in paradise with the hot water raining down on his head and shoulders and his rigid tool in the suctioning mouth of this gorgeous woman. Feeling another orgasm approaching, Paul needed to take a short break but he knew where this was leading. He turned off the shower and carried Reena's slippery body out into his bedroom. They dried each other off with huge, soft fluffy towels then they fell onto his king-size bed in a passionate embrace, kissing each other deeply, their tongues engaged in a lascivious dance myfreecams . This time there was nothing subtle about their coupling. Highly excited, they fucked vigorously in various positions. Having recently dumped a load, Paul was able to last much longer. He dragged her to the edge of the bed and entered her soaking swollen cunt in a single thrust much to her delight. She grabbed his buttocks and amplified his efforts by pulling him towards her to make him fill her completely. He asked. "Would you like to be in charge?" She looked at him quizzically, not sure what he meant. By way of explanation he withdrew and laid on his back on the bed. He took hold of his stiff rod and pointed it at the ceiling. "Sit on this!" He instructed. Now understanding his meaning, she lowered her body onto his and inserted the rigid cock into her vagina. Now she took charge by fucking him vigorously. Her full round breasts bounced enticingly as she pleasured her slippery cunt on his throbbing pole. Seeing him look longingly at the gorgeous tit flesh she lowered her chest toward him as she ground her clit on his pubic bone. She gasped as he licked and sucked each swollen nipple in turn and soon, she was cumming uncontrollably. Overcome by the climax, she collapsed forward onto his chest. He gave her a few moments to recover then he raised her hips and held her still while he fucked her hard and fast ramming his rigid cock into her at lightning speed. She squealed with delight and climaxed again before collapsing onto him exhausted. After a few moments, Paul asked. "Would you like to try something else? I'm not done with you yet." Reena wondered what more he could teach her. He flipped her off him and turned her over and lifted her hips in the air with her face and shoulders down on the bed. She felt very exposed in this position with her bum and vulva pointing upwards and she was surprised when she felt Paul massaged her exposed parts with the coconut oil. Thinking that she was going to be taken like before from behind she wriggled her superb buttocks teasingly. This time though Paul concentrated not on her vulva as she expected but he teased the tight little rosebud of her anus with the tip of his finger. She stiffened in horror when his intention dawned on her but, as the massage continued, she began to enjoy it. Feeling her relax, Paul gently pressed his thumb against her sphincter while continuing to massage around the opening with his other hand. Eventually, the ring of muscle relaxed slightly and his thumb slipped further in. She wriggled her hips as the pleasure increased and he added another finger to enlarge and stretch the opening. When she was clearly enjoying the new sensation he suddenly stopped. Disappointed and wondering what was happening she glanced between her legs to see him anointing his rigid tool with copious coconut oil. She closed her eyes as she felt the tip of his cock probing her rear opening. He took it very slowly and she felt no pain as he pushed slowly and gently to invade her rear. Once inside and feeling her relax, he began to fu*k her arse with increasing intensity. She adapted quickly to the new sensation and bucked her hips joining his rhythm. She soon started screaming and moaning. He shifted his position, doubling her up with her bottom in the air. He crouched over her to pile drive his iron hard rod into her anus. She was soon cumming hard and squealing. He continued to piston in and out of her until he felt the delicious sensations coursing through his abdomen and he ejaculated powerful jets of semen into her tight little chute. Totally spent and exhausted they both collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. Paul awoke to hear the shower running. Reena emerged naked and, after drying herself off, she snuggled up close to him and whispered in his ear. "That was absolutely amazing! You've taught me so much in the short time I've been here. You're a wonderful man. May I come again so we can do it all again some time?" "I'm sorry Reena," Paul answered "You are a beautiful girl, but you're much younger than I am. I don't want to lead you on. I don't want to get into a relationship. I've shown you what is possible and how you can enjoy sex and your body. I'd like you to walk out from here as a proud, uninhibited woman. Find men your own age to enjoy sex and relationships with. Be confident in your own body and mind. Don't let any man enslave you every again. Seek out men who will respect you and your body and share mutually satisfying sex with you. I am sure that eventually, you will find a husband who will respect you and enjoy your body. There is much more to learn about sex. Go out and enjoy your life. I wish you luck." Reena replied: "I understand. Thank you so much Paul. You were awesome big naturals boobs porn movies. I hope you enjoyed the sex just as much as I did. I'll leave these black clothes here if that's OK. Can you put them in the trash? I'll never wear them again." Report Story byWriter2000© 1 comments/ 5199 views/ 5 favorites

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