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Angie popped the single button on her shorts, looking up for any surrender in Brenda's face, before drawing her zipper down halfway BBW. The width of her hips and ponderous butt did the rest parting the shorts from the sheer thickness until her muff was visible. Angie looked up hoping her cousin would verbally reconsider but found her still waiting. The baby faced teen's brow furrowed as she grit her teeth doing her best to intimidate her much smaller cousin. Angie reached down tugging at the exposed pockets until the material cleared the widest point at her hips. Brenda watched as she shimmied and wiggled her hips until the shorts ended up a corona around her heels. Angie covered her muff with a hand while holding onto the edge of the counter staring Brenda down livenude cam69. She found eyes traveling up her body to her face with no backpedaling in sight, finally scoffing as she turned towards the counter. Angie glanced out of the little window over the kitchen sink at the neighborhood outside. Some people were walking by the window while some music played off in the distance as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

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