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Rejestracja: 17 paź 2018
OFFLINE Ostatnio: 13 lis 2019 15:45

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[AD] Nostalgic MU Season 4 | Non-reset | x10 | NO-Pay2Win | MuHelper | November 14th

11 listopad 2019 - 22:28


It's time to get back to the roots!
The old days of MU Online are back, come feel the nostalgia to hear the sound of jewelry dropping!

First of all, I would like to thank all the players who helped us with server testing.
After thinking a lot, researching a lot, collecting player opinions, we came to the conclusion that the MU Online servers are increasingly falling apart with their OffAttack systems, Auto-bots, and all that crap ... So we decided to bring back the It's fun to play the real MU Online of yore. If you are an Oldschool player, you will love our server!


Game Standard Informations:

  • Server Version: Season 4
  • Server Experience: 10x
  • Master Experience: 5x
  • Reset: Off (Max Level 400+400)
  • Mu Helper: Available

Game Server Features:

  • Dedicated Server 24/7 UP Time
  • Premium Game Server & WebFiles
  • Premium AntiCheat System and Anti DDOS
  • Anty Lag System and Client Optimization
  • Reduced Client Consumption
  • Fast Loading AutoUpdate Launcher
  • Custom Launcher settings
  • Auto Reconect System
  • Multi Language Support
  • CashShop System
  • Off-Trade System
  • Auto Party System

In Game Events:

  • Illusion Temple
  • Imperial Fort Event Hot
  • Double Goer (Doppelganger) Hot
  • Castle Siege
  • Loren Deep
  • CryWolf
  • Devil Square (1-7)
  • Blood Castle (1-8)
  • Chaos Castle (1-7)
  • Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
  • Golden Monster Invasion
  • White Wizard Invasion
  • Battle Soccer
  • Kalima (1-7) Event
  • Kanturu Event
  • LaCleon Event
  • Last Man Standing Event (Custom) Hot
  • Bonus events Event (Custom) Hot
  • TvT Event ( Team VS Team) Hot

Improve Item Chance:

  • Life Success Rate: 70% (+28 option Max)
  • Soul Success Rate with luck: 95%
  • Soul Success Rate without luck: 70%

Special Features:
➠ MU Helper
MU Helper available from level 10.

➠ Minimap + Spots + NPC + Gates [TAB]
Press TAB to visualize the map of the game and where the spots are located, in this way you will always know where there is a place to level. In addition to marking the position of the NPCs.

➠ Minimizer + Tray Icon + Reduce CPU/GPU/RAM [F12]
The window minimizer is activated with F12, by minimizing the game you will be able to visualize a Tray Icon that indicates the character's race, his level, his master level, and his current map. In addition, you will be notified when one of your characters dies. Finally and best of all, is that when you minimize the game with the F12 key the main consumption goes to 0%, incredible, your PC will be totally relieved for what you have to do in it.

➠ Reconnect + AutoHelper + AntiDisconnect
The reconnection system prevents you from wasting time, when reconnecting, activate your Helper automatically so you don't lose level or hunt.

➠ Launcher + AutoUpdate
Our launcher is responsible for patching the client for you. No more inconvenience for the players, in case of an update the client is automatically updated.

➠ Server Hour/Local Hour (Interface)
So you can have control over the time difference between your country and the server time, we have added an indicator in the interface that tells you the time of the server official.

➠ Extended Master Skill Tree
The tree has features of Season 12, all adapted to Season 4, thanks to this, you will enjoy 400 master levels to climb.

➠ OffStore
The OffStore system is similar to that of the new seasons, you can sell your items for different types of currencies at the same time, although the most used is the W Coin.

➠ Advanced Item Sale system
Selling your items is much easier now! You just have to hold down the Shift key and right-click on the item you want to sell. Your item will be posted on a sales list and a global message will also be sent to all players.


Abyss MU Online - Grand Open on September 27th

25 wrzesień 2019 - 22:21

Abyss MU Online - Season 14 Part 1-2
Opening on September 27:
[UTC +2, 01.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 07.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 20.00-Brazil/Argentina]
Basic Information:
25aa.pngSeason 14 EP1-2
25aa.pngDynamic Exp [100x~50x] - goes down as game progress.
25aa.pngMaster Exp [50x-20x] - goes down as game progress.
25aa.pngMajestic EXP [20x] - fixed exp rate.
25aa.pngDrop rate: 30%.
25aa.pngReset: No-Reset.
25aa.pngMax Level: 1100.
25aa.pngAll events working with nice rewards.
25aa.pngElf Soldier buff until level 600.
25aa.pngShops for a low exp server.
25aa.pngCreate Guild at level 150.
25aa.pngCreate DL, MG, RF at level 1.
25aa.pngReconnect system fully working.
25aa.pngHelper from level 1.

Item System:
25aa.pngSocket + Excellent: Disabled
25aa.pngAncient + Excellent: Disabled
25aa.pngAncient + Harmony: Disabled
25aa.pngItems 380 + Excellent + Harmony: Enabled

Improve Item Chance:
25aa.pngSoul Success Rate without luck: 70%
25aa.pngSoul Success Rate with luck: 95%
25aa.pngLife Success Rate: 70% (+28 option Max)

OffTrade System:
25aa.pngActive for everyone, can be used on [Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland and Loren Market] (Currency: WCoin).

OffLevel System:
25aa.pngActive for everyone, max 2 DAYS, no auto-pick.

Party Exp System:
25aa.pngSolo = 100%
25aa.png2 Players = 90%
25aa.png3 Players = 80%
25aa.png4 Players = 105%
25aa.png5 Players = 110%
25aa.pngPerfect Party = +10% exp

PK Settings:
25aa.pngPK can use move on M window
25aa.pngTo reduce PK status, u need to kill monsters. Formula: (Monster Level /2)
25aa.pngIf you die, you can drop items.


PVP Settings:
25aa.pngNon-PvP Maps (here you can not kill other players): Atlans, Icarus, Aida, Land of Trials, Barracks, Refuge.
25aa.pngFree-PvP Maps (there are no penalties for killing players): Lorencia, Devias, Elbeland, Noria.
25aa.pngGens Battle System:: Enabled on maps: Vulcanus, Kanturu, Karutan, Swamp of Calmness, Nixies Lake, Deep Dungeon, Swamp of Darkness, Kubera Mine






[AD] MU 500X Season 14 part 1-3 | Non-reset | 13.April

10 kwiecień 2019 - 16:26

The MU 500X was created for those who love to play with their friends without much difficulty to achieve levels or items, and without having to pay for it!
No sale of items in the game or on the website, here you get your items PLAYING. The server only counts with the in-game shop, which is for the purchase of Buffs, pets, etc.
Meet the true essence of MU Online: The frenzied PvP / GvG among friends or rivals! Have fun with quality.
Grand Open: 13 April 
16:00 [GMT -3]
Join Now 
Join our Discord channelThere you can get various information from the server
Event Hours / Droplist / Support and more!
Basic Information

Version: Season 14 EP 1-3 [PREMIUM IGCN Server]
Normal Experience rate: x500 
Master Experience rate: x250 
Majestic Experience rate: x100 
Maxium level: 1100
Resets: No Reset
Connection: Max. 5 Accounts / IP-PC
Max JoL option: +28
Jewel Drop rate: Mid
Regular Points per level: 5/7
Jewel Rates

Jewel of Soul: 75% (Luck +25%)
Jewel of Life: 70%
Jewel of Harmony: 70%
Chaos Machine Rates

All the rates will same showed on game.

/addstr - Add points in STR status
/addagi - Add points in AGI status
/addvit - Add points in VIT status
/addene - Add points in ENE status
/addcmd - Add points in CMD status (Only Dark Lord) 
/post - Send message to all players on local server
/gpost -  Send message to all players on global (all servers)
/pkclear - Clear your PK Status (100kk Zen x Kill)
/cleareventinv - Clear your Event Inventory
/offlevel - Offline Attack System (Auto-pick OFF, Max 6 hours)
/offtrade - Store For WCoins
Special Feature

Get bônus Seal / Scrolls buffs per 1 day!
Create your character and receive: Initial equipments +7 and small-wings
NPC with Pets, Skills, Quest Items, Fruits and Rebuild Fruits [Free rebuild to all players]
Spots on all maps (with Minimap Mark)
Moss Merchant with great prizes
All Characters unlocked from 0 Level
Great rewards in events like BC, DS, CC, IT, DG, IG
Create all characters from 1 1vl
Easy to get RUUD / Goblin Point on events and bosses
Cash/WCoin prizes for Winners of Castle Siege / Arca War
New Jewels
Reconnect System

[AD] XPlay MU Online - Season 14 Part 1-3 | Non-reset

09 marzec 2019 - 17:02

XPlay Mu Online: grand opening at 15.March

Register now @ @

New epic NORESET server is based on low exp: X15 regular and X15 master/majestic, reaching lvl 400 is not hard but reaching maximum master level 650 will be chalanging! Total maximum level is 1050, and to reach that you will need to conquer top maps!



[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3, 12.00-Argentina/Brazil]

❗ Basic Infos ❗
✅Experience Normal: x15 (DOUBLE exp on Weekend)
✅Master exp: x15 (DOUBLE exp on Weekend)
✅Majestic exp: x15 (DOUBLE exp on Weekend)
✅Maxium level: 1050
✅Max option: +16
✅No Item shop on website!
✅Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
✅Life: 70%
✅Resets: No Reset
✅Extra Points: 800 (+2 point / level) [Best Builds!]

Level Rewards: Reach level 1000 and get reward: 5.000 Wcoins!

Happy Hour event: Double Experience, Extra drop, Extra Exc drop.

02:00 until 04:00

08:00 until 10:00
14:00 until 16:00
20:00 until 22:00

!!!EXTRA!!!All weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will be double EXP!

Create all characters from 1 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others)

❤ Facebook share event: Share THIS POST on your timeline (public share) + tag 3 mu players and get 1000 Wcoins after server start! PM your account name in FB message after this post is shared! ❤

❗ Server Features ❗
✅New character Rune Wizard
✅4th Quest and Wings
✅New Master Skill Tree (Enhanced)
✅Earring (L) ® Items
✅New Blue Eye Items
✅New map Kubera Mine
✅Max master level 650
✅Period Item extension system
✅New Attribute Defense Master Skill
✅Archangel weapon for RF & Blessed AA weapon for RF support
✅Renewed Party and Guild matching systems
✅Party restore after reconnect support
✅OffLevel system enabled
✅OffTrade system enabled (WCoin)

❗ RUUD ❗
Can be obtained by killing small bosses, events, etc

Play and earn 20 GP / hour.
U can obtain GP killing golden monsters and join at events like BC, DS, CC.