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[AD] MU 500X Season 14 part 1-3 | Non-reset | 13.April

mu online

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#1 lacovic

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Napisano 10 kwiecień 2019 - 16:26

The MU 500X was created for those who love to play with their friends without much difficulty to achieve levels or items, and without having to pay for it!
No sale of items in the game or on the website, here you get your items PLAYING. The server only counts with the in-game shop, which is for the purchase of Buffs, pets, etc.
Meet the true essence of MU Online: The frenzied PvP / GvG among friends or rivals! Have fun with quality.
Grand Open: 13 April 
16:00 [GMT -3]
Join Now 
Join our Discord channelThere you can get various information from the server
Event Hours / Droplist / Support and more!
Basic Information

Version: Season 14 EP 1-3 [PREMIUM IGCN Server]
Normal Experience rate: x500 
Master Experience rate: x250 
Majestic Experience rate: x100 
Maxium level: 1100
Resets: No Reset
Connection: Max. 5 Accounts / IP-PC
Max JoL option: +28
Jewel Drop rate: Mid
Regular Points per level: 5/7
Jewel Rates

Jewel of Soul: 75% (Luck +25%)
Jewel of Life: 70%
Jewel of Harmony: 70%
Chaos Machine Rates

All the rates will same showed on game.

/addstr - Add points in STR status
/addagi - Add points in AGI status
/addvit - Add points in VIT status
/addene - Add points in ENE status
/addcmd - Add points in CMD status (Only Dark Lord) 
/post - Send message to all players on local server
/gpost -  Send message to all players on global (all servers)
/pkclear - Clear your PK Status (100kk Zen x Kill)
/cleareventinv - Clear your Event Inventory
/offlevel - Offline Attack System (Auto-pick OFF, Max 6 hours)
/offtrade - Store For WCoins
Special Feature

Get bônus Seal / Scrolls buffs per 1 day!
Create your character and receive: Initial equipments +7 and small-wings
NPC with Pets, Skills, Quest Items, Fruits and Rebuild Fruits [Free rebuild to all players]
Spots on all maps (with Minimap Mark)
Moss Merchant with great prizes
All Characters unlocked from 0 Level
Great rewards in events like BC, DS, CC, IT, DG, IG
Create all characters from 1 1vl
Easy to get RUUD / Goblin Point on events and bosses
Cash/WCoin prizes for Winners of Castle Siege / Arca War
New Jewels
Reconnect System

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