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Mu Online Season 13 Private server

mu online muonline

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Global Mu Online Server information


GlobalMu is project based and popular mmorpg click and slash game mu online. Server is brings best quality gaming what is provided with custom server files, regular updates and exciting game play configuration. Server is online for more than 4 years, this might be the most important part in the days when mu online servers borns and closes every month. GlobalMu has multiple servers which means you register one account and you can play on all servers GlobalMu provides. To do so, visit download page, download game client, extract it and click Play GlobalMu to get latest updates or main.exe to run game directly. Server is international project and brings players from all over world, ingame post language is English, but on guilds on gens chat you can use any language you want.


Games main idea is to level up gain more stats points and get resets. When you reach 400lvl you can reset your character is website, you will become LVL 1 again and you will be able to get more stats points. Maximum stats are 32767 and player vs players damage settinsg are based on those stats, pluss you must have good set to fight against our top players! PVP is build to give equal chance each to class to fight and kill other class characters. Our high exp servers has grand resets system, which means if you get 150+ resets you cand do a grand reset, which will delete all your resets and stats but will give you credits reward which you can use to buy better items from ingame shop or from other players on our web market! Web market is a place where players can sell items to other players on our website. This helps to prevent scam atempts ingame and you sell while you are away from computer. Website offers VIP option as well, players can buy it by credits. VIP works for all our servers, which means you buy it only 1 time and use on all servers. VIP brings you acces to Arena map with custom spots, arena is NOPVP so players dont need to worry about being killed while gaining levels. As well VIP offers boss spot: Kundun monster.






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